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Vendetta Games’ IDO Sells Out

Updated: May 19

GamesPad, BullPerks and GameFi SOLD OUT!

TrustSwap to come next.

Communities have spoken their mind, and are riding a fast horse with wild west themed Vendetta Games’ initial DEX offering for its upcoming native cryptocurrency token $VDT has been sold out on TrustSwap, BullPerks, GamesPad and GameFI. The Vendetta team is thrilled with unprecedented success and grateful for the overwhelming support from the gaming community. GameFi’s allocation was sold out in 2 days, while BullPerks and GamesPad oversubscribed on their first-come-first-serve rounds. 

TrustSwap saw the community pledge over $3M for the sale, with the planned fundraise set to start later today.

Harnessing the power of Ai, Vendetta Games is creating a sustainable metaverse ecosystem with their AAA Red Dead Redemption-style open-world RPG game, as well as a suite of blockchain and metaverse features and a publishing studio for a target audience of web2 and web3 gamers.

“We are grateful for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm from the gaming community, and we believe that the success of our token pre-sale launch is a testament to it. At Vendetta Games, we remain committed to delivering an exceptional gaming experience to our users, and we will continue to work tirelessly towards achieving this goal. Our community can rest assured that we will always strive to provide the best possible content,” said Alex McConnell, CEO and founder of Vendetta Games.

What’s coming next?

Popular cryptocurrency exchange announced Vendetta Games as part of their latest startup program, a platform that helps early-stage cryptocurrency companies raise funds and get listed in a premier crypto exchange. It boasts high protection systems to protect investors, a high return on investment, and an overall great reputation.

The flagship game to be launched by the company is called “Chalk-River” a wild west open world story driven game. It uses an AI-integrated approach that enables player-NPC interactions and “choose your adventure” style questlines to allow for rich storytelling.

As for its native token, $VDT is a non-inflationary token that is the core driver of all the games being published by Vendetta Studio. $VDT serves as both the in-game currency and the key utility asset for players by supporting in-game transactions and circular economic models. $VDT token can be used in-game to purchase NFTs and for horse breeding. It can also be staked for rewards and exclusive whitelist spots for upcoming drops of NFTs that will unlock additional in-game discounts and benefits.

The response to the VDT token pre-sale launch has been exceptional, and the Vendetta team is excited to take this project to the next level. With the pre-sale almost behind them, the team is fully focused on the VDT token TGE (Token Generation Event) that is going live on major exchanges in the coming days. 

For more information, visit Vendetta Games’ official website at 

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