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$VDT Utility and Staking Opportunities

Updated: May 16

$VDT Utility and Staking Opportunities

Business License Holding:

In this here Chalk River Metaverse, we got ourselves a virtual world where folks can stake their $VDT into properties and businesses. By doin’ so, they can manage ’em and earn fees from other players who use the services. We call this Business License Holding (BLH).

Now, the BLH validity ain’t forever, it lasts for a limited time. And once that time’s up, there’s a 12-hour Licence Renewing Period (LRP). During this LRP, another player can try to attack the BLH holder and take over the staking rights for the next 7-day period.

While holdin’ the BLH, players can upgrade their properties by addin’ more $VDT to the stakin’ pool and more Character NFTs to protect ’em. The more upgrades a property has, the tougher it gets for other players to take it over durin’ the LRP.

Players can also defend their properties by managin’ a single character. Dependin’ on the property’s level, they can use their NFTs as “automatic characters” to help ’em in the defendin’ battle, or even let others control the NFT characters durin’ the fight. Now, to upgrade a business as the lease holder, a player needs to meet certain requirements.

These include:

  • Havin’ a higher amount of $VDT to stake.

  • Holdin’ the lease for a certain number of consecutive sessions.

  • Havin’ a higher number of character slots to fill. A player can fill these slots with their own NFTs or with the help of “partners.” If a player ain’t in a rush to upgrade, they may have the option to pay for extra time.

Colonizin’ the Wild Frontier

In the Wild West, they used to say, “Whiskey is for drinkin’; water is for fightin’ over.” — Mark Twain

So, why would ya wanna buy land, and what does it mean to own land?

Well, in this Chalk River Metaverse, ownin’ land is like buildin’ your own legacy, just like them pioneers in the Wild West. ‘Cept the land here ain’t no small backyard plot. It’s as big as generational size, part of a vast, undeveloped metaverse. When ya own land, you can create your own frontier town, customizin’ it to your likin’. Or ya can build a ranch or farm in the backcountry, providin’ ya with endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

The land can be upgraded for higher stakin’ rewards, and there might be chances to own businesses outside of Chalk River for extra income. Buildin’ a New Frontier Town When ya got an area zoned as Township property, you can build it up and colonise it. As more pioneers settle ‘round, different shops and service buildings will be unlocked, and they’ll populate “Main Street.” Each time a new buildin’/service comes ‘round, it’ll be available for purchase or lease.

That’s when the K-2-E economy of the new frontier will start. Proposed Revenue Split Now, when it comes to the revenue split for businesses and services, it’ll be rewarded on a monthly basis.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Business landowners will receive 50% of the revenue.

  • The Vendetta treasury will get 10%.

  • The future pools will take 10%.

  • Business leasees will receive 30%, and that’ll be divided among active leasees who top up the shop with ‘primary in-game resources.’ A business can be leased to multiple leasees, dependin’ on the level and monthly resource requirement for the business to operate fully. To lease a business, leasees will need to pay the leasing fee set by the Business Owner. Now, mind ya, multiple leases will share the 30% as a split reward.

Back Country #RanchFi

In this Chalk River Metaverse, we got vast backcountry plots for folks to build their own ranches or farms and protect their land from them potential thieves. This involves stakin’ $VDT, generatin’ livestock or agriculture based on the player’s choice from a list, and increasin’ the number of livestock or amount of agriculture planted over time, dependin’ on the staked $VDT. Once the stakin’ period is done, players can sell their livestock or agriculture for stakin’ rewards. But beware, if players ain’t able to protect their land and products, them bandits might just steal their goods and take a cut for themselves.

#RanchFi Mechanics

  • The livestock or agriculture ya see in the game are just visual representations of the “interest” earned on staked $VDT. They ain’t got no practical use, they’re just there to make stakin’ revenue more excitin’.

  • Players have a chance to earn or win NFTs if they successfully raise and protect a certain percentage of the total herd or crop.

  • To earn them stakin’ rewards, players must defend their herd or crop from potential attacks by other players.

  • If a player manages to steal some livestock, they gotta herd them animals to an auction house or another designated sale point to earn rewards. Alternatively, they can hold on to the stolen cattle or crop for a specific time to receive a reward.

  • The weightage for players ownin’ a Ranch versus Standard Land ensures that they’ll always receive more stakin’ rewards than a Standard Land owner, even if there’s a 20% loss on rewards. But it also encourages ’em to stay engaged in the game to retain as much reward potential as possible.

Stakin’ Pools

To give folks an incentive to stake their $VDT, the Chalk River Metaverse offers various stakin’ pools, which we can split into three categories:

Token Holders

The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is based on the lock length and the rank of $VDT volume. 25% of the total $VDT in the stakin’ pool is distributed among these holders. These folks ain’t required to engage with the in-game mechanics, they can just hold onto their tokens.

Genesis NFTs

The APR for these folks is based on the level of their Genesis NFTs. The higher the level, the higher the percentage split. 25% of the total $VDT in the stakin’ pool goes to these holders. It’s an incentive for ’em to rank up their NFTs and even earn some gold dust from Cedalions.

Property Holders

Now, for property owners, the APR is based on the type and level of property they own. The higher the level, the higher the percentage split. 50% of the total $VDT in the stakin’ pool is distributed to these holders. It’s a way to encourage folks to buy and own land, make progress in the ecosystem, and provide better offerings to gamers. But mind ya, this is specifically for ownin’ land. The business revenues or BLPs (Business License Holdings) have their own separate reward systems which are currently under some fine tuning.

Gold Dust Dex

To keep the $VDT flowin’ into the Stakin’ Pool, we got ourselves a Gold Dust Dex. There’s a 5% tax on all Gold Dust sales or exchanges, and that tax amount is converted to $VDT and added to the staking pool rewards.

Game Fees to Staking Pool

We also contribute 10% of the game fees to the $VDT staking pool. Out of this, 4% is allocated for marketing, development, and burns, while the remaining 6% goes towards the staking pool rewards.

NFT Sales

Whenever there’s a sale of Vendetta NFTs, we take 10% of the proceeds and directly add it to the staking pool rewards.

Vendetta Monthly Pass

We offer a special NFT bundle called the Vendetta Monthly Pass. Folks can get it for a set amount of $VDT, and 50% of the proceeds from these passes go straight into the staking pool rewards.

Avatar NFT Upgrade

Now, if ya wanna upgrade your avatar NFT, you’ll need some Gold Dust to increase its stats and some $VDT to unlock the next level. We burn 100% of the Gold Dust, and a percentage of $VDT goes into the staking pool rewards.

Property/Land Upgrades

For those lookin’ to upgrade their property or land, ya gotta spend some Gold Dust and $VDT. Just like before, we burn 100% of the Gold Dust, and a percentage of $VDT is added to the staking pool rewards.

Gold Mining

Here’s the final feature for this article in the Chalk River Metaverse: Gold Mining. Players can stake their $VDT to acquire different levels of gold mining tools. The rewards depend on the level of the tool, and they range from randomised returns in Gold Dust and NFTs to continuous mining of Gold Dust and other rewards as long as ya keep stakin’ them $VDT tokens.

Gold Mining Tools

Level 1 — Panning for Gold:

  • You can buy it from the General Store at Level 1 or higher.

  • To get started, stake 500 $VDT and use Gold Dust to purchase gold panning tools.

  • In the metaverse, you’ll engage in the activity of panning for gold.

Reward: You’ll receive a random amount of returns in Gold Dust and NFTs as a result.

Level 2 — Sluicing:

  • To unlock this level, you gotta buy it from the General Store at Level 2 or higher.

  • Stake 2000 $VDT and use Gold Dust to purchase sluicing tools.

  • Once ya got ’em, you can set up a Sluice and start the process.

  • The Sluice will mine automatically for 24 hours, providin’ random returns of Gold Dust and NFTs.

Reward: After 24 hours, ya gotta visit the Sluice and start the process again to continue minin’.

Level 3 — Hard Rock Mining:

  • To reach this level, head to the Town Hall or General Store at Level 4.

  • Stake 10,000 $VDT and buy a Hard Rock Mining License usin’ Gold Dust.

  • The Hard Rock mine will remain active as long as ya keep stakin’ them $VDT tokens.

  • It’ll continuously mine a specific amount of Gold Dust per day.

Reward: The Hard Rock Mine will yield a certain percentage of $VDT tokens and provide a Prospector’s Pouch every 24 hours.

That’s the scoop on stakin’ in this wild west metaverse. So get yourselves

ready to start explorin’ and makin’ your mark on the frontier!

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