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$vdt update and tokenomics

With our updated tokenomics, NFT staking rewards just got sweeter!

As our presale commences, and the public sale approaches, we have re-evaluated the public sale launch price of $VDT.

Based on an updated calculation that takes into account the limited circulating supply, the $VDT token price at the public sale has been updated to $0.40 (instead of $0.25).

In this article, we provide updated projections for NFT staking rewards.

Tokenomics Overview

To accommodate our projected growth and to fund NFT staking, gaming rewards, and other gamified incentives, we have capped our total supply at 100 million $VDT. The circulating supply at token launch and for the foreseeable future will be considerably less. Our angel, seed, whitelist, team, and advisor tokens are subject to vesting. Gaming rewards are locked until the games launch. NFT staking rewards will be gradually trickled out over 2023.

Due to the limited circulating supply following the public sale, we will be listing the $VDT token at $0.40. We will update the NFT staking reward projections based on this figure.

NFT Staking Rewards

How to earn:

Passive yield is already accumulating for our NFT holders, and the NFT staking rewards dashboard will be introduced in the near future. To earn passive income on Genesis NFTs, our holders only need to hold the NFTs in their wallets (not posted for sale on a secondary market). They will be able to use their NFTs in upcoming games while continuing to generate passive income.

Elysium Wallet

In the near future, the NFTs will need to be transferred to an Elysium Blockchain wallet. A future article will provide detailed instructions for bridging NFTs to Elysium. We encourage you to immediately create an Elysium wallet using MetaMask. For detailed instructions, read this article.

Note: Elysium is a carbon-neutral gaming and NFT layer-1 blockchain developed by our friends and partners at Vulcan Forged. VendettaDAO is proud to be building our metaverse and games on the Elysium blockchain.

How much $VDT you earn depends on several factors:

  • How long you hold your NFTs — You’ll want to hold them for the full year. NFTs on secondary markets don’t earn rewards

  • How many NFTs are in circulation — The fewer NFTs in circulation, the more you earn

  • The early-bird SBT multiplier — If you hold a Pioneer Soulbound Token (SBT)

  • Heavy wallet multipliers — For 10+, 50+, and 100+ NFTs

Yield Generation Tokenomics

Our resident math wizard and tokenomics mastermind designed the perfect incentive system for Genesis NFT yield rewards and multiplier bonuses.

Basic Numbers

The following applies to a single NFT with no multipliers applied:


You can multiply your earnings in the following ways:

Pioneer SBT multiplier — Use your Pioneer SBT to enjoy a 10% multiplier on all NFT earnings!

Heavy wallet multiplier — For the ‘friendly whales’ in our community. Heavy wallets can multiply $VDT earnings as follows:

  • 10–49 NFTs — 5% bonus

  • 50–99 NFTs — 10% bonus

  • 100+ NFTs — 15% bonus

Stacking multipliers is simple — Just add the percentages together.

  • Pioneer SBT + 10–49 NFTs — 15% bonus

  • Pioneer SBT + 50–99 NFTs — 20% bonus

  • Pioneer SBT + 100+ NFTs — 25% bonus

Tokenomics Cowboys

At VendettaDAO, our mission is to provide value to our community and investors. As such, we are slightly obsessed with tokenomics. We seriously consider the dynamics affecting the supply and demand of our token and are committed to incentivizing fair distribution.

For example, our NFT staking rewards are like a slow-motion airdrop for our early adopters. This ensures the token is distributed to our most die-hard supporters while avoiding the inflationary effect of a single big airdrop.

Our dedication to effective tokenomics will not stop there. We are actively researching every possible mechanism to support the value of our token. Everything is on the table and being discussed, whether it’s gamified incentive models or clever burn mechanics (shhh).

Stay tuned for more updates and surprises!

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