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Unveiling the Chalk River Genesis NFT Collection

Updated: May 19

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! Chalk River Genesis Character NFTs have made their grand entrance on the Sphere marketplace, swiftly climbing to the number 2 spot in trending collections! After transferring your NFT singles and packs to Immutable zkEVM, you can unveil your NFTs in the inventory section of the Vendetta Dashboard.

Understanding Chalk River Character NFTs

These dynamic NFTs represent actual characters that you can play in the game. As they are NFTs they enable you to level them up by earning “XP” points through gameplay. If you don't hold a character NFT, you can still play Chalk River, using one of the free-to-play characters, however you will not be able to add your XP points to them and level them. Since the free-to-play characters are not NFTs you also will not own or be able to sell them on the NFT marketplace.

History The Chalk River Genesis Character NFT series represents our first blockbuster sold-out mint. Launched in 2022, in the depths of the bear market, these NFTs sold out completely, a testament to the faith and dedication of our community of die-hard early adopters. Initially, on the Polygon and Elysium blockchains, Genesis Character NFTs were concealed behind placeholder images. Now, their true images and traits are ready to be revealed.

Hold & Earn!

By holding Genesis NFTs in your wallet (and not putting them up for sale on the marketplace) you will earn a portion of the S1 2,000,000 VDT pool! Which begins on April 12, 2024. Watch our blog and socials for more details. 

Heads Up!

If you are still holding your  Genesis Character NFTs on Polygon or Elysium, it’s time to act! Visit the swap page to bridge your NFTs to Immutable zkEVM, the hottest blockchain in web3 gaming. If you don't yet own one, make your way to the Sphere marketplace to purchase one for yourself. 

Important: If you have not migrated your Genesis NFT to Immutable, your NFT WILL NOT appear in the daily snapshots and thus will not earn is portion of the S1 VDT pool!

How to Migrate/Swap Your NFTs

Owners of Genesis NFTs on Polygon or Elysium blockchains can migrate their NFTs to Immutable zkEVM on the Vendetta Games website.

Migration steps:

  1. Visit and click 'GENESIS SWAP'.

  2. On the Genesis Swap page, select 'Polygon Bridge' or 'Elysium Bridge'.

  3. If prompted, switch MetaMask to the corresponding network.

  4. The quantity of each NFT pack will be displayed on the screen.

  5. Click the button to migrate your NFTs to the Immutable zkEVM chain. Please allow for 5-8 days until your migrated NFTs are showing in your Immutable wallet.

Tip: While the NFT migration and reveal are both free, we highly recommend having some IMX in your zkEVM wallet to cover any transaction fees you might incur post-bridging. (You'll need a little IMX to mint and reveal our upcoming free Loot Box!)

Revealing Your NFTs

You can reveal your NFTs on the Vendetta Games website.

Revealing steps:

  1. Visit, connect MetaMask to Immutable zkEVM and sign in.

  2. Navigate to the Inventory screen.

  3. Select the NFT you wish to reveal and click ‘Reveal NFT’ and click 'Confirm'.

  4. After completing the precedure for each NFT you want to reveal, refresh the screen to view your unveiled NFTs.

Note: We suggest that if you have multiple NFTs to reveal, do not refresh the page after each reveal. Each time you refresh your page it requires calling the Immutable zkEVM blockchain, and if you do this multiple times in a short period it will be read as “spamming the chain” and you will be blocked for roughly 5 minutes, thus your NFTs will not show up in your inventory. 

How to View your NFTS

You can view your NFTs on the Sphere marketplace or the Vendetta Games website.

View on Vendetta Games:

  1. Visit and connect your wallet. (Use MetaMask with the same address you used to bridge the NFTs.)

  2. If prompted, switch to the Immutable zkEVM network.

  3. Navigate to the Inventory screen.

View on Sphere:

  1. Visit the Sphere marketplace and connect your wallet. (Use MetaMask with the same address you used to bridge the NFTs.)

  2. If prompted, switch to the Immutable zkEVM network.

  3. Click your wallet address in the top right corner and select ‘Your NFTs’.

Just the Beginning Embark on an unforgettable journey with the Chalk River Genesis Character NFTs. Unleash your character's power, explore new realms, and etch your name in the annals of Chalk River’s history. Join us in this extraordinary adventure and let your legacy unfold in the world of Chalk River. The future of gaming awaits you!

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