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Getting Started With Immutable Passport

Updated: Mar 28

Howdy Pardners!

With our Loot Box free mint just around the corner, NOW IS THE TIME to create an Immutable Passport. This article will guide you through the process.

Why use Passport?

Passport is a non-custodial web3 wallet that supports both Immutable X and Immutable zkEVM. Creating a Passport will allow you to mint Loot Boxes for free and take advantage of free in-game transactions in Chalk River and a host of other Immutable ecosystem games. And best of all, signing up for Passport could not be easier! 

After creating your wallet, you can link any previously created MetaMask wallets to collect all of your IMX gaming assets in a single location. Pretty dang slick.


Creating Your Passport

  1. Click Sign In

  2. Sign in with Google, Apple, or an email address

  3. When asked to Connect to Passport Dashboard, click Yes

That’s it! You’re done. It's really that simple.

We recommend you take a few minutes to look around the interface. Notice your new zkEVM address in the upper right corner.


Connecting other wallets

You may already have Immutable zkEVM assets in other MetaMask wallets (hopefully lots of Chalk River NFTs!). To view and manage those assets in Passport, complete the following steps to connect your MetaMask wallet to Passport. (Here's a video guide)

  1. Before starting, ensure that you are signed in to MetaMask and selected the Immutable zkEVM chain

  2. In Passport, click External wallets

  3. Click Link a MetaMask wallet

  4. For maximum functionality, choose Import items to Passport

  5. Sign the transaction in MetaMask

That’s it! After a few moments, you can view your assets in the Inventory section of Passport.

Note: The assets have not been transferred to a new blockchain address. They remain where in your existing MetaMask wallet. However, because you linked your MetaMask wallet to Passport, you can view and manage your assets in your inventory and use them in Immutable games!


Funding Your Immutable zkEVM wallet

Minting Vendetta Games Loot Box NFTs is free, but subsequent transactions (such as listing or selling) may come with a small gas fee in IMX token. Also, if you mint using your MetaMask wallet there will be a small IMX gas fee.

To fund your Passport, you can bridge IMX from Ethereum mainnet using the official IMX bridge, or use the fiat on-ramp provided in Passport tools. To fund your MataMask wallet, use the bridge option. (Tip: You can swap Immutable zkEVM tokens on Quickswap.)

For more information about adding funds to Immutable zkEVM chain, read this official guide.

See you on mint day!

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