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Dubs & Duds Loot Boxes ~ FAQ

Updated: May 19

The Dubs & Duds Loot Boxes crafting phase is set to start on April 20th, and the Vendetta Games community is buzzing with excitement. This article answers all your burning questions about loot boxes and crafting.

What are Dubs & Duds Loot Boxes?

Dubs & Duds was a free mint event designed to deepen player engagement and creativity within the Vendetta Games universe. 2,689 loot box NFTs were minted, each containing raw materials that can be combined to craft playable in-game items.

What's in the loot boxes?

Each loot box contains at least three crafting materials. The materials feature different rarities: rare, epic, and legendary. The rarity of the material determines the quality and functionality of the crafted items, from basic gear to high-tier items that provide gameplay advantages.

Crafting Materials

  • Rare: Leather, Metal Ore, Walnut

  • Epic:  White Dye, Black Dye, Silver Nugget

  • Legendary: Gold Nugget, Red Dye, Gold Dye, Felt, Gun Oil, Gold Thread

What else can I get?

Some lucky folks might also find a bag of $VDT or Gold Dust in their loot box. Good luck!

How do I reveal my loot box contents?

To reveal your loot box, go to the Vendetta Games Dashboard, navigate to your inventory, and click Reveal NFT to see your materials.

Where can I buy loot boxes? If you missed the mint, or want more materials, loot boxes can still be purchased on secondary markets. Visit our preferred NFT marketplaces, TokenTrove and Sphere.

What can I craft?

Craftable items include hats, shotguns, and boots. The crafting materials you use determine the appearance and rarity level of the items you create. The resulting NFTs are not just collectibles but playable assets with real in-game utility. Equip your Chalk River character with these items to receive in-game buffs, such as bravery, damage, and stamina increases.

Crafted Item types

  • Pinch Front Cowboy hat

  • Sawn-off shotgun

  • Dress boots

What's the utility of epic and legendary materials?

Use epic and legendary to create rarer, more exclusive versions of each

item. For example, adding Gold Dye to the base hat recipe will give you a legendary

version. If you'd rather have the epic black version, then use the Black Dye.

Let’s Get Crafting!

As the crafting phase of the Dubs & Duds Loot Box event approaches, the excitement within the community is palpable. We look forward to seeing the innovative ways you utilize your Dubs & Duds Loot Box materials and the strategic depth they add to your gameplay. Don’t hesitate to share your experiences and crafted items on our forums or social media channels. Let's craft something great together!

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