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Chalk River Roundup Vol. 2

Howdy Vendetta Posse!

This here’s the second edition of Chalk River Roundup, the 5-minute recap of the latest news from Chalk River Metaverse and the VendettaDAO game studio. Don’t forget to subscribe, and if want to dive deeper, check out our Medium blog

Game Economy

Last Chance for the Open Presale

Presale $VDT tokens are now available to anyone! No need to hold Chalk River NFTs. To purchase, proceed to the VendettaDAO website and click the ‘Presale’ menu button. Prepare some USDT and connect your wallet to the Polygon network.

Exclusive presale bonuses available:

Airdrop Rumors

A recent VendettaDAO tweet has some in the community speculating about a possible airdrop. We can neither confirm nor deny this, but would advise anyone interested in becoming eligible for a possible $VDT airdrop to hastily get involved in the community. Purchases of presale tokens and NFTs will likely impact possible airdrop allocations, but there are also numerous free options for demonstrating community involvement, such as being active on our Twitter and Discord, completing tasks on Xpand, and subscribing to this newsletter.

Game Development:

Alpha Testing Continues

A select group of our most diehard community members is continuing to alpha-test Chalk River Metaverse gameplay. The game development devs are listening closely to their feedback, fixing bugs they locate, and delivering updated builds. The design team also pays attention to gameplay suggestions from the alpha testers. Join our Discord if you are interested—you can get involved if you prove yourself worthy.

Coming Soon: Wild West Zombie Bloodbath

The metaverse of Chalk River is a place of adventure and mystery. Who knows what kind of sinister magic might affect some unfortunate residents, turning them into blood-thirsty zombies! Perhaps they wandered deep into the haunted depths of the old abandoned mineshaft. Perhaps they were foolhardy enough to disturb the ancient Indian burial ground. Whatever the reason, Cowboys vs zombies battles are coming to Chalk River. There will be blood.

Community Updates:

VendettaDAO at Vulcon 3

VulCon3 will be held in New York City on May 26, 2023. This exclusive event is tailored for those who care about the future of blockchain technology, the metaverse, Elysium blockchain, and of course, the Vulcan Forged gaming ecosystem and their partners—including VendettaDAO games!

VendettaDAO CEO Alex McConnell (McSwyzzle) will is on the roster of speakers. Others attending or speaking at the conference include Jamie Thompson, Anthony Scaramucci, Kevin O’Leary, UFC legend Mighty Mouse, and Ice T!

Learn more or buy tickets

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